Friday, July 16, 2010

Sex and the City 2

I'm definitley late in getting to this movie and as everyone has said its an utter disappointment. it is terribly predictable, you know exactly what is going to happen and nothing is a shock.

Its overly "relateable" charlotte is stressed from being a mother worried about having a hot nannie, the lawyer miranda is being treated unfair at work and of course as usually carrie has relationship problems while samantha just fucks everything. they go to abu dhabi, which could be really cool but there are alot of scenes where they try to play powerful music and use camera pans to try and tell you "this is an amazing view/building your looking at" but it actually wasnt, it was dull and it wouldnt have been annoying if they didnt try and act like it was grander than it was. the cinematography is really cheap and the storyline is really dull and i loved the whole series and the first movie but this was just, it was childish, they are all married with families (besides miranda) and the show didnt progress from when the series first started. the girls dress the same, except their older, and they look older.

i thought it was also a cheap and sleezy explote on the middle east and their customs, they make fun of their culture and they disrespect their culture, (especially samantha) and although it is funny and you do laugh occasionally theres a very cheap and guilty aspect to it.

i didnt think they needed a second movie, alot of people after seeing this movie claimed it was "to wrap up" to create closure, but i dont think they needed that after the first movie. charlotte had a baby, carrie and big got married, miranda and steve got back together and samantha got back to being samantha, that was closure. they didnt need to move on, they should know most movies dont do a succesful second, especially not a movie that was originally a succesful tv show.


  1. For all of the reasons you said, I will wait til this is on HBO to see it, if at all. I haven't heard one person who's seen it say that they even liked it, and we're all hard core SATC TV show fans.

    Sad to take the franchise down this path.

  2. yeah i mean, as a fan you have to watch it but its the way they took the story that upsets you, my sister thinks its the "wrap up show" but after the 2nd movie i thought it was wrapped up i dont know why they needed a 2nd one