Sunday, January 17, 2010


"Nikki (Ashton Kutcher) has made a career out of targeting older women and using them for anything and everything … in exchange for a little sex. But the player gets played when he meets Heather (Margarita Levieva), a pretty waitress who knows every trick. Before Heather came along, Nikki had a foolproof arrangement with Samantha (Anne Heche), a successful attorney who was happy being "friends with benefits." But now he might actually be in love." courtesy of netflix
I had heard about this movie but for some reason I thought it was about swimming (probably from the movie poster) like a Michael Phelps movie or something and I just wasn't interested and netflix accidentially sent it to me and at first I was pissed but once I read the synopsis, i realized it wasnt about swimming and its actually a VERY entertaining movie. i dont know how but Ashtons character is likeable because he is SUCH an asshole, but he is. as the movie goes on hes narrating the do's and dont's of playing the field. and he is right about almost everything. at the beginning as he goes to walk up to a girl he narrates "theres only one line and the rest are bullshit" and then he says "hi"....'hi' is his line...and it totally would work when you have so many other guys trying to use actual lines. but i definitley recommend it. Ashton is a brillant actor in it, he has this kind of smug-hot-shot voice that goes with his whole persona down to the way he walks. and he wears these suspenders with EVERYTHING. these little tiny suspenders that he also wears with a belt which cracks me up lol
it is a whole new meaning to "fake it till you make it"


"Forced to marry Camille (Sienna Miller), the sheriff's niece, parolee Silas (James Franco) takes his bride on a Niagara Falls honeymoon, where he plans to escape to Canada. Certain the trip will rehabilitate Silas, Camille remains enthusiastic -- even after she dies in a crash. Now, Silas must deal with Camille's denial about her death and her slow decomposition. David Carradine co-stars in this quirky romantic comedy." courtesy of netflix
this is the definition of quirky indie comedy. as weird as it sounds, I LOVED it. I definitley only watched it because James Franco and Sienna Miller were in it and they totally make the movie. Franco is amazing at playing the James Dean brudy sexy guy (which is probably why he played James Dean in the movie 'James Dean') and Sienna Miller is beyond fabulous, i can't imagine why she hasnt become the biggest sensation yet, shes a fabulous actress and she's gorgeous. she plays this really annoying (according to francos character) country bumpkin girl and she talks ALOT, she never shuts up but what cracks me up is her and this polarid camera, its a big bulky old one with stickers on it and she takes pictures of EVERYTHING. shes walking down the isle, taking pictures! and she hands the pictures out as shes walking down the isle, its adorable. the whole plot of the movie is hilarious, they end up meeting this cowboy who now does showbusiness with his horses and he painted them all these bright colors "a horse of a different color" its just fun, you laugh even when you're alone. i recommend it, especially when you want a little laugh. just remember, its definitley different and while watching it you might realize why you probably havent heard of it. but i still say its worth it lol

Wedding Daze

"Having lost the girl of his dreams, Anderson (Jason Biggs) accepts a dare to jump back into the dating scene by proposing marriage to the next girl he sees -- a love-starved waitress named Katie (Isla Fisher), who accepts on a whim. But the road to true love might not be as thorny as the couple once thought. Written and directed by Michael Ian Black, this charming romantic comedy also stars Joe Pantoliano, Mark Consuelos and Michael Weston." courtesy of netflix

this movie is actually ridiculous, all these crazy little scenarios and well it is a movie with Jason Biggs which are usually low standards for me even if i enjoy watching most of his movies. I think if it wasnt for Isla Fisher this wouldnt have been quite as enjoyable, shes so cute and spunky you can't help but like her. but the story line in general is pretty fun. a guy in a coffee shop says "will you marry me" as an opening line to hit on you and she says yes! its a fun concept. you're not missing anything by not watching the movie though.

Three to Tango

"When up-and-coming architect Oscar Novak (Matthew Perry) sets out to befriend wealthy business tycoon Charles Newman (Dylan McDermott) in the hopes of landing a high-profile, lucrative contract, he never expects to fall for Newman's mistress, Amy (Neve Campbell) -- complicating the deal. See, Newman isn't gay, as Novak assumed, so real feelings in this love triangle force Novak to decide between his heart and his career. Oliver Platt co-stars." courtesy of netflix
I've been on a bit of a movie frenzy lately and thanks to netflix's "instant watch" I've been able to do this without leaving my apartment.
I really enjoyed this movie, I mean its a brilliant cast; Matthew Perry is funny and endearing his character is pretty similar to Chandler (from Friends of course) and Neve Campbell is just adorably cute and of course Dylan McDermott is gorgeous and his character is so perfect for his looks. its a fun movie, it has a slight predictability to it (i dont want to give anything away) but its one of those movies where your just waiting for the inevitable to happen. but i recommend it, its a lot of fun.

Monday, January 11, 2010

(500) days of summer

"When his girlfriend, Summer (Zooey Deschanel), unceremoniously dumps him, greeting-card copywriter and hopeless romantic Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) begins sifting through the year-plus worth of days they spent together, looking for clues to what went awry. As he recalls the good and bad times he spent with the commitment-phobic girl, his heart reawakens to what it cherishes most. Marc Webb directs this uncommon love story. " courtesy of netflix

I LOVED this movie. LOVE LOVE LOVEDDD it. I kinda figured I would I love zooey and joseph gordon-levitt is soo cute. you just feel soo much from this movie, its happy, its unpredictable (although theres not much to predit because they are going from present time back to when he first met her and all the way in between...) but its just a good story, its a real story, and you just wish you were Summer so that Tom would be that in love with you. One day I hope to find a Tom although I guess I may never know if I have a Tom unless I dumped him haha

DEFINITLEY watch it. especially if you already love Zooey Deschanel and Zooey movies.

Love and Other Disasters

"Director Alek Keshishian unspools a charming tale that finds a young American (Brittany Murphy) attempting to play matchmaker for friends and co-workers -- with mixed results -- while interning at a major British fashion magazine. Problem is, she's so busy hooking up everyone else that she can't see her ideal match right under her nose. The supporting cast of characters includes Matthew Rhys, Santiago Cabrera and Catherine Tate." courtesy of netflix
I LOVED this movie, I watched it on my laptop on the watch instantly feature from netflix (which used to just be bad and old movies but now it has a really good selection) but Brittany Murphy (RIP) was the most endearing character, she was like a mix of Edie Sedgwick and Audrey Hepburn and theres a good chunk of the movie of them watching 'Breakfast at Tiffanys' and relating it to real life. it's just a really fun, feel-good movie they have fun with it too. theres a scene where Jacks (Murphy) says "Well I don't want to pretend that life is a movie and I'm spilling my guts out to a complete stranger while violin music plays" and the whole time violin music is playing until she says "violin music plays" her character was raised in england and in america (the whole movie is shot in london) so her accent goes in and out and its kind of cute. Brittany Murphy did a great job in the movie though, she looked beautiful in it I think it had to have been way before she started any kind of drugs

Last Chance Harvey

"Dustin Hoffman stars in this romantic drama as struggling jingle writer Harvey Shine, an aging father who risks losing his job to attend his daughter's London wedding, only to discover that he's not exactly welcome. While seeking refuge in the airport bar, Harvey meets a lonely statistician named Kate (Emma Thompson) and finds himself thrust into an unexpected romance. Both Hoffman and Thompson earned Golden Globe nods for their roles." courtesy of netflix

this movie was a little disappointing in someway, I think I expected more from it. It's a little predictable and even if something you didnt think was going to happen you find yourself saying "of course" it was VERY "movie" it wasnt a real practical story at all and Dustin Hoffman's character is SO sad, its a sad movie because he is such an unfortunate human being. theres a weird ability to relate to him even though most of the stuff you've never gone through. its good acting though, thats for sure.

I wouldn't say "don't see it" but I wouldnt be dying to see it more than once and I wouldn't tell anyone "you have to see it." its not a waste of time...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's Complicated

"After 10 years divorced, Jane (Meryl Streep) and Jake (Alec Baldwin) enjoy an amicable friendship. When the two unite for their son's college graduation, however, romance rekindles. But Jake is married, and Jane's architect, Adam (Steve Martin), has a thing for his client. Now cheating on the younger woman for whom he left Jane, Jake wants his ex-wife back. And Jane's having as much fun being the other woman as she is getting to know Adam." courtesy of netflix

I LOVED this movie. Every actor in it was so on point. John Krasinski from the office (aka Jim Halpert, also in 'License to Wed' and 'leatherheads') was GREAT in the movie. I don't want to spoil anything but it was really good, it was one of the movies that the crowd in the audience (at the theatre obviously) is laughing SO loud you can't even hear the next line. It was really brillant, funny, relateable in SO many ways. I think especially if you've been divorced (you could hear certain people in the audience laughing at the "divorce discussions" more than others.

Sunshine Cleaning

"Financially on shaky ground yet determined to send her son to a top private school, Rose Lorkowski (Amy Adams) teams up with her unreliable sister, Norah (Emily Blunt), to start a new company that specializes in biohazard removal and crime scene cleanup. Tired of doing all of the work for other people, whether in her job cleaning homes or in her failed relationships, Rose is finally ready to use her entrepreneurial spirit to tidy up her own life." courtesy of netflix

It was actually a really enjoyable movie. Its not as funny as I think its supposed to be (we ordered it on ondemand from comcast and the description was comedy/drama) although its actually pretty lighthearted you don't really laugh out loud but its a cute movie, its enjoyable. Steve Zahn is also in it. but yeah, I definitley recommend it.

I'm posting this one for jojo since I know she now likes Amy Adams, she's really cute and likeable in this movie too.


"In this sports drama based on real-life events, director Clint Eastwood tells the story of what happened after the end of apartheid when newly elected president Nelson Mandela used the 1995 World Cup rugby matches to unite his people in South Africa. Based on John Carlin's book, the film stars Morgan Freeman as Mandela and Matt Damon as Francois Pienaar, the captain of the scrappy South African team that makes a run for the championship." courtesy of netflix

The movie was really good. you truly can't go wrong with Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon and Clint Eastwood directing. I was a little upset, I didnt know the movie was all about rugby I was bored in that sense, I hate sports. And I kind of thought it was....juvenille (if thats the right word) to do a movie all about Nelson Mandela and focus the whole thing on Rugby, Yes I know it was an important part of how great he was and how he got everyone back on the same team (no pun intended) but still. Nelson Mandela was so much more than rugby.

but the acting and directing is brillant, Morgan Freeman was born to play Nelson Mandela I mean he looks exactly like him and he did the south african accent dead on, I have a lot of friends from South Africa and its a different accent to conquer people usually end up trying to sound Australian or English and its very different than that.