Sunday, April 19, 2009


"After receiving rejection letters from eight colleges, Bartleby Gaines (Justin Long) and his slacker friends fool their parents into thinking they've been accepted at the South Harmon Institute of Technology, a university of their own invention. The only problem is, the boys have somehow managed to attract a freshman class of rejects just like them. Can the South Harmon coeds compete in a battle of wits with students from a neighboring college?" courtesy of netflix

I really liked this movie, it was pretty funny and Justin Long really is an amazing actor I'm really glad to see his career blossiming, the concept of the movie is hilarious, I dont know if this spoils anything but I think its pretty obvious that the secret doesnt last about the college, and when the truth is revealed I thought it wasnt made as big of deal as it really was, it was very just "oh ok thats bad...the end" but Blake Lively is just so cute in it and Justin Long, even in a goofy comedy he is just such a good actor, his passion shows through well.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nights in Rodanthe

"With chaos tearing her marriage and family apart, Adrienne Willis (Diane Lane) takes a weekend caretaker job at her friend's coastal North Carolina inn. When a storm hits, stranding the inn's only guest, Dr. Paul Flanner (Richard Gere), Adrienne's life changes forever. As the storm rages outside, Adrienne connects with Flanner, who came to the Rodanthe retreat to escape his own personal crisis. James Franco co-stars in this romantic drama" courtesy of netflix

I was really upset with this movie, the story concept itself is actually kind of horrible, when you see it or if have already seen it, you will see what i mean but i dont want to spoil anything. the movie just seems so "lifetime" to me (as in lifetime movie channel of really corny love movies) the acting really isnt that great and any scenes with the teenage daughter are just horrible. James Franco's part is way to small for his acting abilities and well it just seems to be directed very oddly, there are random seems where everything gets jumbled and fast paced like they do in action or horror movies and it just doesnt fit just right. the story is just so odd, the movie does take you in and you'll feel the emotion but its nothing spectacular.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


"With his mother (Anjelica Huston) suffering from Alzheimer's, medical school dropout Victor Mancini (Sam Rockwell) devises a plan to pay her hospital bills. At high-class restaurants, he pretends to choke, waits to be rescued and then later asks his saviors for money. In addition to being a con man, Victor is a sex addict who works at a colonial theme park. This film is based on the novel by cult literary phenom Chuck Palahniuk ( Fight Club)." courtesy of netflix

this movie sounded so good in the description and even the poster looked intriguing but the movie was, odd. this whole "conman" thing is barely touched on in the movie, he talks about how he gets money from the people who save him but they never show it, cause i dont understand why when you save someones life, if that person asked you for money, why you would give them money. it was just very odd, i wouldnt recommend it. it wasnt even that odd in a funny way, theyre were definitiley interesting scenes and concepts but they never "took it home"


"Sean Penn (in an Oscar-winning role) stars in this fact-based drama about Harvey Milk, the openly gay activist and San Francisco politician who was murdered along with mayor George Moscone (Victor Garber) by disgruntled city employee Dan White (Josh Brolin, in an Oscar-nominated role) in 1978. Director Gus Van Sant's compelling biopic (nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award) co-stars Emile Hirsch, James Franco and Diego Luna" courtesy of netflix

i wasnt as captivated by this movie as i thought i would be, or as i wanted to be. the first time i fell asleep, the second time i tried to watch it i just lost track of what was going on and the third time i did finish it, its a good story, it was directed very well but i just expected more out of it i geuss, i would still recommend it but i think the expectations are just too high for it. but sean penn and james franco do a great job and i would never believe they were straight :)

He's Just Not That Into You

"Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore and Scarlett Johansson lead an all-star cast in this adaptation of the bestseller that follows an ensemble of characters dealing with the pitfalls of love and human interaction. Set in Baltimore, director Ken Kwapis's film moves swiftly between a host of storylines and characters brought to life by a stellar lineup that includes Jennifer Connelly, Ben Affleck, Ginnifer Goodwin and Justin Long" courtesy of netflix

i loved this movie! i did read the book, years ago and anytime i start to see a new guy, i do whip it out and check up on some things. but the way the movie is setup, i know they got critcized from being so different from the book, but the book isnt a novel, the book would be like a talk show so i thought it was perfect to have all these random different scenarios going on that connect in small ways, but it just helps you realize all the stupid things we buy into all the time! all the things we make excuses for, i think everyone should read it, even if youre married already even if it doesnt help you i'm sure you could help someone else down the way.