Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Javier Bardem stars in the latest effort from legendary filmmaker Woody Allen as a flamboyant painter who finds himself in the middle of a unique relationship with Vicky (Rebecca Hall) and Christina (Scarlett Johansson), a pair of American tourists. Penélope Cruz (with an Oscar nod) also stars as Bardem's insanely jealous ex-wife, Maria Elena, in this quirky romantic dramedy (winner of a Best Comedy Golden Globe) set in Barcelona.courtesy of netflix.

i really liked this movie, the preview is a lot different than what the movie turns out to be, its comically narrated with things like "they got ice cream, they laughed." but the story is good and your intrigued the whole time the acting is really well, i recommend seeing it. I always like Woody Allen films and i really like Scarlett Johansson but i feel that you could like this even if you didn't like them. its very comically erotic.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Factory Girl

"Director George Hickenlooper's biographical drama charts the meteoric rise and subsequent fall from grace of Edie Sedgwick (Sienna Miller), an ambitious starlet who becomes the muse of Andy Warhol (Guy Pearce). Heading for New York City's bright lights after dropping out of college in 1965, Edie meets pop-culture icon Andy, who turns her into the toast of the town. But she soon discovers that glamour and fame have a price." courtesy of netflix also with Jimmy Fallon, Mena Suvari and Hayden Christensen

it's been a long time since i've been so affected by a movie. I rented the movie because i have an unusual interest in Andy Warhol, this movie isn't about Andy Warhol its about the factory girl and her story and I've never felt so, sad for someone, to feel not the sympathy but the actual emotions, the movie is done brillantly everything is conveyed in such emotions and the actors are phonomenol Sienna Miller is amazing and Guy Pearce is brillantly amazing with Andy Warhol. the story itself is strong and it just just gets multiplied in quality by the actors.

this movie didnt get great reviews and i think the reason is because of how honest it is, they dont censor things to cater to a MPAA rating, they dont careful word things so that it doesnt offend people, the drug use is right in front of your face, theres random people having sex in the background for no reason at all expect for the fact that, thats how it was at the factory, everything is very honest i believe, it doesnt feel like they cut things out or made you loose out on something. disregard any of those reviews because they are oh so wrong, this movie is spectacular. in all possible ways.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gran Torino

"Crusty, inflexible Korean War veteran Walt Kowalski (Clint Eastwood) must confront his Hmong immigrant neighbors – and his own long-held prejudices – when the family's teen son, Thao, tries to steal Walt's beloved 1972 Gran Torino. Walt soon assumes the unlikely role of guardian angel to young Tao and his sister, who are vulnerable to disturbing gang influences in this intimate drama from 78-year-old director Eastwood" courtesy of netflix

I went to see this movie with my Dad and his only reason for wanting to see it was Clint Eastwood "Clint Eastwood doesn't do bad movies" even on the way driving to the movie we both realized we had no idea what the movie was about. i was a little hesitant i thought it might be to old school western style but it was brilliantly amazing. it all feels very real and is very intriguing and interesting. I do have to say that i thought the two main Asian actors (the brother and sister) weren't very good actors but it doesn't hurt the movie at all, the storyline is amazing and Walt is the perfect character; he is basically Greg House (from the TV show House) he is racist, rude and doesn't care what he says. its amazing and you will love it.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

"After losing yet another nanny position because of her gruff demeanor, Guinevere Pettigrew (Frances McDormand) mistakenly lands an assignment as the assistant of an American starlet (Amy Adams) and finds herself swept up in a dizzying world of glamour and high society. Based on the novel by Winifred Watson, this charming 1940s-era tale also stars Ciarán Hinds, Lee Pace, Shirley Henderson and Mark Strong." courtesy of netflix

I enjoyed this movie, it was entertaining and the acting was quite good. I did feel like something was missing, it seemed like maybe it was too short (but it was an hour and a half) but because the plot of the story is essentially Miss Pettigrew's day with Delysia (Amy Adams) it just seems a little unfufilled. and i dont think they quite captured some of the behavior that needed to be setup; Amy Adams is an actress and has many male friends and although you realize and its conveyed that Miss Pettigrew is appalled by this I think it needed to be a stronger connection and I think they needed more information about Miss Pettigrew before she met Delysia. and the ending was quite, abrupt? it had an ending but it just didnt seem over i guess; it was a weak ending in a way.