Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nothing Like the Holidays

"John Leguizmo and Alfred Molina head up an all-star cast in this multicultural ensemble comedy that follows a trio of Puerto Rican siblings -- a Marine, an actress and a businessman -- on their way home to Chicago for a Christmastime family reunion. Directed by Alfredo De Villa, the holiday tale also features performances by Debra Messing, Luis Guzman, Jay Hernandez, Freddy Rodriguez, Vanessa Ferlito and Melonie Diaz. "
this is a really subdued comedy, there is definitey a comedy factor but its not really a comedy movie. I liked the puerto rican aspect, its always fun to watch other races and cultures in their own environment. I think the cast plays out to all the possible charcters, the white-uptight-wife, the solider, the actor, the gangster, the smartypants and so forth. Its not a predictable movie which is always a plus for me and i think its hard to do now a days.

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