Thursday, July 1, 2010

Something New

"Having carefully calculated her professional life, African-American accounting exec Kenya McQueen (Sanaa Lathan) is concerned that her personal life doesn't measure up, so she agrees to go on a blind date with a sexy, free-spirited landscape architect (Simon Baker). Her new love interest turns out to be white, which isn't necessarily a deal-breaker -- until she meets a seemingly perfect black man (Blair Underwood)."

I really only rented this movie because i'm a fan of sanaa lathan and simon baker. The movie isnt bad, but its definitley catered to a black audience. A lot of the movie is situations where Simon Bakers character should be really uncomfortable and just watching it, as a white person, it makes me uncomfortable. I think its a great look into interracial relationships and how it is harder to be in that kind of relationship. there was a line when Simon Baker said "I'm not black. I'm never gonna be black" and it was such a great line because if thats the biggest problem in the relationship, its not something that can be fixed.

If you've ever dated someone outside your race I think you'll sympthazie with it a bit but it is a "black" movie which can be awkward for non-black viewers. especially when they talk about things like the "black tax" where black people have to work twice as hard to get through in a "white world"

I dont deny this "situations" completely but I dont like that they are "accepted" and honestly, although I am white and I may not know completely Washington is really pretty accepting of all races. its not the south, and i would think that most people are not racist here. everytime i say that a non-caucasian person they tell me its not something i would know and i'm not allowed to say that. so who knows. haha.

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