Sunday, May 17, 2009


"Ron Howard directs this adaptation of Peter Morgan's popular Broadway play centered on a series of revelatory TV interviews former President Richard Nixon granted British talk show host David Frost in 1977. Nominated for five Oscars, including Best Picture, the film stars Frank Langella, reprising his Tony Award-winning stage role, along with a stellar cast that includes Michael Sheen, Sam Rockwell, Toby Jones, Kevin Bacon and Oliver Platt. " courtesy of netflix

this movie was BEYOND amazing, but do I really need to say that? Ron Howard directing a movie of the closest Nixon ever got to a confession or a trial? the movie itself is passionate, powerful, intriguing, interesting, the only parts that get a little dull are when they have scenes of Nixon (outside of the "Frost situation") rambling on about something stupid. (the man aparently loved to talk!) but geez i mean the little one liners that stick with you. there was a line when Frost first met Nixon, and he brought a new girlfriend along and as they were leaving Nixon leaned into Frost and said "you gotta marry that girl." forst replied "yeah shes something isnt she?" (or something along those lines) and Nixon said "yeah, and shes from Monaco, they don't pay taxes there" all these little tiny things that just help you realize this man. but the whole cast is stellar, down to Kevin Bacon in frankly, his small role. but Sam Rockwell, geez he was the epitome of every democrat at that time. the movie just makes you want to read for hours and hours about Nixon and what bullshit he could come up with.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Griffin and Phoenix

"Divorced, disconnected from his kids and living in a gloomy bachelor's pad, Griffin (Dermot Mulroney) is already down when he's diagnosed with inoperable cancer. Thus, it's with resignation that he enrolls in a class about accepting death -- never dreaming that he'll learn to accept life instead. Hope comes in the form of an assistant dean, the lovely Phoenix (Amanda Peet). Soon, the two embark on a romance that will change both their lives" courtesy of netflix

I laugh at the thought that I actually really liked this movie, its kind of "lifetime" and they have some corny lines, but Amanda Peet and Dermot Mulroney do their best and pull it off quite well. i loved the one line in the beginning of the movie when Griffin finds out he has cancer and there is nothing they can do and he says "so you can't save my life? ....can you validate my parking?" theres a few great lines in the movie, Phoenix asks Griffin a question and he just had some generic response and she says "well not every answer can be interesting i guess..." its really a pretty decent movie, its sad, you'll cry and you'll be touched. I would recommend it.