Saturday, August 15, 2009


I meant to write a review on this movie before but I forgot.

this movie is BRILLANT. i'm not joking, it can be very offensive but it has a purpose and its completely brillant. you just have to look at the movie from the point of view that Sacha Baren Cohen is making a point.

it is a little different than "Bruno" his original movie, this one actually has a plot where Bruno is a gay man trying to become famous in america.

there is a hilarious scene where he tries to seduce Ron Paul! and he thought it was Roo Paul and its hilarious!!

but the part that I love the most is when Bruno is interview parents for their children to be a commercial, at first he asks simple questions "we might need to pinch the baby to cry" and they said alright. then he actually asked

"she will need to loose 15 pounds, is that okay?" Bruno

"oh yeah it should be fine" Mother

"well yeah, if surgery needs to be done will you consent?" Bruno

"yeah of course, if she needs surgery she needs surgery" mother

it was a baby!! he proves such a great point against society especially with homosexuality, theres alot of scenes where you just stop and think "if these were straight people, it wouldnt matter" and it is hilarious especially when you get empathetic and you think about these poor conservative people having a fit abotu it.

he does go above and beyond his point, a little michael moore-ish but i think its entertaining, interesting and brillant.

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