Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Battle in Seattle

"With the World Trade Organization about to convene in his city, Seattle's Mayor Jim Tobin (Ray Liotta) tries to make sure all events go smoothly. As tensions between protestors and authorities rise out of control, activists and bystanders get caught in the crossfire. Based on the 1999 protest referred to as the "Battle of Seattle," this drama features Charlize Theron, Woody Harrelson, André Benjamin, Connie Nielsen and Michelle Rodriguez." courtesy of Netflix

I LOVED this movie it was SO brillant, a lot of it seems like it was overdramatized but when i started researching it wasnt, although the incident with Charlize Theron I'm sure didn't happen or at least didn't happen by a cop in such a way (I don't want to spoil it for anyone) but its very cool because its actually shot in Seattle, I totally recogonize it all and they also use real footage. it was very cool to see, especially if you're from Seattle and even if you're not.

WTO riots in seattle actually caused 30 riots/ralleys across the nation and is the reason they "won" the "fight" it's an excellent movie. the WTO riots were actually the reason our former Mayor resigned and how Greg Nickels (who JUST lost) got the position. This is huge on Seatte/Nation history.


  1. i so remember this. Our photographer friends Duncan and Karie were there and got amazing shots. And Duncan got hit with one of those rubber bullets. I hadn't heard that this movie got good reviews, but i'll put in on my queue based on your review. PLUS i really want to see a movie with Outkast's Andre 3000! LOL.

  2. did you do a review on Tropic Thunder? It's taking me four days to finish watching this movie. I think it's hysterical, but for some reason i keep falling asleep. robert downy jr. is so key. And it took me halfway through the movie before i realized Tom Cruise was one of the characters. he's great in this and i say that not liking Tom Cruise as a rule.

  3. yeah i never remember seeing trailers even but it was shot in 2007 but its SO real seattle, they obviously actually shot in seattle i recogonize everything, and even the weather : )

    its wet but not rainy, THATS seattle. haha!

    haha yeah!! he is really good in it too. everyone is.

    i didnt do a review on tropic thunder, i probably wont because i saw it SO long ago i remember liking it and hating it at the same time, its a movie you laugh at but you think is stupid at the same time, i think i get annoyed with ben stiller he doesnt do stupid funny in a funny way to me, like will ferrel.

    but robert downey was AMAZING in it he played an australian and a black man SO well.