Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Ugly Truth

"In his segment called "The Ugly Truth," chauvinistic morning show commentator Mike Alexander (Gerard Butler) makes his perpetually single producer (Katherine Heigl) the subject of a series of romantic tests in order to prove his theories on relationships. But will his experiments help her find love, or is she just a hopeless case? Cheryl Hines co-stars as Mike's unflappable co-anchor in this rom-com from the team behind Legally Blonde" courtesy of netflix

I thought this movie was good, I really like Gerard Butler, the movie is very predictable becoming a pattern with Katherine Heigels movie's but her character is fun and enjoyable. I was hoping the movie would have more to come away with, kind of like he's-just-not-that-into-you since Mike is helping Katherine Heigl's character get a man, but its basically about how to pretend your someone your not and men will end up liking you. it was good though, I'd recommend it.


  1. have not seen it. don't really want to cause Heigel is always the same. But i do like Gerard Butler. He was in a movie, what was that movie, Hillary Swank was in it and it was in Ireland or Scotland or somewhere. I forget. Remind me....

  2. it's still a good movie, shes not completely the same character shes a workaholic control freak haha ...well iunno what are her other characters? err i guess maybe it is the same haha

  3. yeah that was it. I hate Hillary Swank too, but with the right costar i can stand anyone i hate. Even Jim Carrey and Kathryn Heigel.

  4. yeah thats how i feel too, i mean i actually hate anjelina jolie BUT she picks good movies and she acts them wonderfully like changeling, have you seen changeling yet? you need too.

  5. Changeling was painfully well done. Jolie's good in everything -- have you seen Girl, Interrupted? Amazing.

    And I'd watch Gerard Butler reading the phone book for 2 hours.

    What are the odds of the two of them in a movie together?

  6. changeling was! it was so good i felt a little sick after, I dont think Jo has seen it yet so she wont know, but you will know why.

    i saw clint eastwood on jon stewart when he was promoting the movie and he said they actually went to an old neighboorhood in LA (it was LA right?) and used real houses just fixed them up a bit for the movie, and then fixed them up after for the homeowners. stewart joked about how it was community improvement. lol

    i dont see them going well in a movie together though. maybe clive owen, er maybe not. she doesnt do a whole lot of comedy jokey movies though

    i love her in movies but i dont think i really like her. i respect her humanitary efforts but im definitley a team aniston member. haha.

  7. I HAVE seen Changeling and loved it. Except for the boxer movie, i've liked the Eastwood directed movies alot. The boxer movie has more to do with Hillary Swank that even Morgan Fairchild could not save for me. And i actually like boxing.

    I like Jolie. pearl, she was great in Girl Interrupted. That is a movie that i actually liked better than the book. I read the book first and didn't care for it. The movie was very good, in spite of Winona.

  8. Gerard Butler is an even better version of Russell Crowe at Russell's very best.

  9. oh okay good you have seen it. its amazing, she seemed so genuine in that movie, the acting was excellent i think that was a role only a mother could play.

    do you mean morgan freeman? i never saw it, million dollar baby? i didnt think it would strike my fancy.

    Mhmm Russell Crowe is out, but clooney will always be in and never replaced. (people always put russell and george on the same pedestal)

  10. lol morgan fairchild - you crack me up!

    I like all those folks in movies - except
    Crowe and Rider - yik!!