Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yes Man

"Based on the comedic memoir by Danny Wallace, this film stars Jim Carrey as Carl, a man who, as an antidote to unhappiness, resolves to say "yes" to everything -- yes, everything -- that comes his way. Carl's new practice initially proves successful in lifting his spirits. But soon, he's confronted with unexpected and seemingly unbeatable challenges stemming from his unique self-imposed regime. Zooey Deschanel co-stars." courtesy of netflix

I know some people out there dont really like Jim Carrey, My Nannie being one, she gets really passionate about her hatred for him, which is funny considering how little my nannie is and how proper she is. anyways, this movie is great!! its not a normal Jim Carrey movie where he gets all crazy goofy there is one part for like 2 seconds when he drank a lot of red bull but it doesnt last long lol but Zooey Deschanel is a GREAT co-star, she so spunky i love her. but the concept of the movie is so great, just say yes to everything and you will enhance your life because you will be living your life. you can't live your life sitting at home all night watching movies. watch it. everyone.


  1. i love that your nanny and i share an opinion! Cause i cannot stand Jim Carrey and i just know in real life he is a dick.

    HOWEVER, i love Zooey. Remember how cool she was in Almost Famous?

  2. I feel like in real life he's probably the same kind of guy, just goofy and maybe annoying but I mean c'mon he does a lot for autism because of his girlfriends kid, thats kinda cool. that gives him points.

    yeah i love her, she is so awesome. she wears the cutest funkiest helmet for her scooter in this movie. i want it. haha.