Monday, March 15, 2010

The Ramen Girl

"When her boyfriend leaves her high and dry in Tokyo, spoiled American tourist Abby (Brittany Murphy) finds solace in a neighborhood ramen noodle house run by a cantankerous old chef (Toshiyuki Nishida), who agrees to take her on as an apprentice cook. But will the dirty grunt work and endless criticism drive Abby away before she discovers the serene beauty in the perfect bowl of soup -- and in herself? Robert Allan Ackerman directs this comedy." courtesy of netflix

While I was watching this movie I kept thinking "what is it that is keeping my attention, why am I still watching this?" and I almost turned it off, but I couldn't. and in retrospect I really liked it. The acting is actually pretty off for Brittany Murphy, she is a better actress than some of this portrays but the idea of the movie is actually very cool. It surprsingly gives a lot of insight to the Japanese culture (although the movie makes it mostly seem all about ramen) its still an interesting concept. It does make me want to try real ramen though, since all i've ever eaten is instant ramen - its obviously completely different.

but I do actually recommend it, there is a lot of subtitles because Brittany Murphy never learns Japanese and her teacher never learns English so there are constantly talking to each other and never understanding each other - which is actually pretty hilarious because the teacher is a complete asshole, the teacher is actually pretty hilarious.

I did get on a Brittany Murphy kick after she passed away, I think we all do that a little, but she really was fun to watch she truly was a really pretty girl and she was soo tiny! i'd kill for her legs. I'm always envious of great legs.

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