Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ira and Abby

"A wry look at the insanity of married life, this offbeat comedy follows the ups and downs of a whirlwind romance between the brilliant yet neurotic Ira Black (Chris Messina) and the free-spirited but flaky Abby Willoughby (Jennifer Westfeldt). Hastily married after knowing each other for only a few short hours, Ira and Abby battle a series of misadventures that forces them to question just how real their love is." courtesy of netflix

I LOVED this movie. WATCH IT. I'm not even sure where to start. Its great acting, the music is good but overall the story itself, is good. its a feel-good movie but its not all fluff there is a lot of reality to the movie, its real, there are sad parts and happy parts and you don't feel like its a fake hollywood movie, its totally real. The characters are great you definitely fall in love with Abby and just like Abby says in the movie Ira has a great face, he's so damn handsome especially in his glasses - jojo you can add him to my husbands list! This is the kind of movie that makes me want to fall in love, but doesnt make me feel depressed for not having that in my life right now. It's really a lot of fun, definitley worth watching.

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  1. I always like coming here to read your reviews.
    thanks for the headzup on this one.

    OMG! Did you ever rent or catch "Letting go of God" (Julia Sweeney). I really think you would like it! It brought out so many emotions in me - I laughed - I cried - and I think I missed stuff being emotional, so I have to watch it again lol.