Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dear John

"While on leave, U.S. soldier John Tyree (Channing Tatum) falls for Southern college student Savannah (Amanda Seyfried), whose ideals and heartfelt principles are at once attractive and unfamiliar. But their love is put on hold when terrorist attacks prompt John to reenlist. Now, handwritten letters hold the lovers together. Lasse Hallstrom directs this modern romance based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks." courtesy of netflix

I didn't even really want to see this movie but my girlfriends did, so i went. its entertaining its not like I felt like I wanted to walk out of the movie. But I hated it, its sappy, its slow, its not even really all that romantic. I wont spoil anything for you i mean you know the movie is about how they spend 2 weeks together, well the 2 weeks they spent together didnt seem like all that big of a deal, in the notebook the time they spent together really seemed like it meant something, this just seemed a little bland. I really dont like the girl shes not really that pretty at all or endearing. I wouldnt watch it theatres, Maybe still rent it, My friend did read the book though and she said they were like completely different. so do keep that in mind if you read the book.

i apologize for being absent on the movie front. our DVD player broke and my laptop has been iffy lately so i havent been watching movies on netflix (we also dont have ondemand) so eventually i'll be back to the normal routine!

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