Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mister Eleven

"Saz (Michelle Ryan), a numbers freak, prepares to wed Dan (Sean Maguire), her eleventh sexual partner and ideal statistical match. But when she learns on her wedding day Dan's only Mr. Ten on her list, Saz frantically contemplates her past relationships and now uncertain future. This delightful British rom-com about the intersection of love and logic also stars Adam Garcia, Lynda Bellingham and Olivia Colman." courtesty of netflix

I wasnt sure i wanted to watch this movie because it sounded just like "lucky seven" which was an ABC family with Kimberely Williams-Paisley but its actually VERY differently, oddly. its a fun movie, the characters are all gorgeous in a very modest way, like born to good looks they didnt create their good looks lol but her obession with numbers is actually pretty hilarious but i think i have a soft spot for UK movies, I prefer books written by UK authors as well I don't know what it is... I think its the accent. haha. but i recommend this movie, its alot of fun, its feel good, you'll totally enjoy it. its different. its boring to only watch movies that you see previews on that everyone talks about - which is why i watch so many movies off the 'instant queue' on netflix you get good movies that not everyone knows about.

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