Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wedding Daze

"Having lost the girl of his dreams, Anderson (Jason Biggs) accepts a dare to jump back into the dating scene by proposing marriage to the next girl he sees -- a love-starved waitress named Katie (Isla Fisher), who accepts on a whim. But the road to true love might not be as thorny as the couple once thought. Written and directed by Michael Ian Black, this charming romantic comedy also stars Joe Pantoliano, Mark Consuelos and Michael Weston." courtesy of netflix

this movie is actually ridiculous, all these crazy little scenarios and well it is a movie with Jason Biggs which are usually low standards for me even if i enjoy watching most of his movies. I think if it wasnt for Isla Fisher this wouldnt have been quite as enjoyable, shes so cute and spunky you can't help but like her. but the story line in general is pretty fun. a guy in a coffee shop says "will you marry me" as an opening line to hit on you and she says yes! its a fun concept. you're not missing anything by not watching the movie though.

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