Sunday, January 17, 2010

Three to Tango

"When up-and-coming architect Oscar Novak (Matthew Perry) sets out to befriend wealthy business tycoon Charles Newman (Dylan McDermott) in the hopes of landing a high-profile, lucrative contract, he never expects to fall for Newman's mistress, Amy (Neve Campbell) -- complicating the deal. See, Newman isn't gay, as Novak assumed, so real feelings in this love triangle force Novak to decide between his heart and his career. Oliver Platt co-stars." courtesy of netflix
I've been on a bit of a movie frenzy lately and thanks to netflix's "instant watch" I've been able to do this without leaving my apartment.
I really enjoyed this movie, I mean its a brilliant cast; Matthew Perry is funny and endearing his character is pretty similar to Chandler (from Friends of course) and Neve Campbell is just adorably cute and of course Dylan McDermott is gorgeous and his character is so perfect for his looks. its a fun movie, it has a slight predictability to it (i dont want to give anything away) but its one of those movies where your just waiting for the inevitable to happen. but i recommend it, its a lot of fun.

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