Sunday, January 17, 2010


"Forced to marry Camille (Sienna Miller), the sheriff's niece, parolee Silas (James Franco) takes his bride on a Niagara Falls honeymoon, where he plans to escape to Canada. Certain the trip will rehabilitate Silas, Camille remains enthusiastic -- even after she dies in a crash. Now, Silas must deal with Camille's denial about her death and her slow decomposition. David Carradine co-stars in this quirky romantic comedy." courtesy of netflix
this is the definition of quirky indie comedy. as weird as it sounds, I LOVED it. I definitley only watched it because James Franco and Sienna Miller were in it and they totally make the movie. Franco is amazing at playing the James Dean brudy sexy guy (which is probably why he played James Dean in the movie 'James Dean') and Sienna Miller is beyond fabulous, i can't imagine why she hasnt become the biggest sensation yet, shes a fabulous actress and she's gorgeous. she plays this really annoying (according to francos character) country bumpkin girl and she talks ALOT, she never shuts up but what cracks me up is her and this polarid camera, its a big bulky old one with stickers on it and she takes pictures of EVERYTHING. shes walking down the isle, taking pictures! and she hands the pictures out as shes walking down the isle, its adorable. the whole plot of the movie is hilarious, they end up meeting this cowboy who now does showbusiness with his horses and he painted them all these bright colors "a horse of a different color" its just fun, you laugh even when you're alone. i recommend it, especially when you want a little laugh. just remember, its definitley different and while watching it you might realize why you probably havent heard of it. but i still say its worth it lol

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