Monday, February 23, 2009


"Politically provocative talk show host Bill Maher skewers the current state of organized religion in this documentary that derives its title from a blend of the words "religion" and "ridiculous." Making stops in Jerusalem, the Vatican and other holy destinations, Maher travels the world to talk to believers from a variety of faiths to find out why they're so sure their religion is right -- and why they're so certain others are wrong" courtesy of netflix

i loveeeeeeeed this movie. for me it was very educational, i was someone who was raised catholic, my whole family is catholic i have an Uncle in England who is a priest but for me it was something I never connected with and the past year especially i've been discovering and trying to find and understand religion and what my own personal belief is and my answer was always "i dont know" and thats what Bill Maher's answer is in this movie, and everyone he talks to and everything he says i'm just kicking myself i didnt say what he said when i've been in the same religious debates.

if you are someone who is truly religious and you have your faith packed down and won't take any another word, maybe its the movie for you, Maher doesnt go around saying your religion is wrong, he's just asking how do you know its right? and there are so many things that can contradict each other, that you should at least have a more open opinion on religion.

I ask my family that doesnt understand how i feel to watch this movie and i ask anyone who doesnt currently accept other religions to watch this movie, i think its very educated and i think its very thought provoking and i think Maher makes alot of really great intelligent points.


  1. I'm planning to get this from the library or rent it one day.. Bill Maher gets people either pissed off and offended or laughing and (gasp) thinking... always a good combination... I'm a big George Carlin fan myself and consider myself an atheist, with an open-heart and mind... we'll all good, we can just do bad or good deeds in various situations... Good post! Thanks.

  2. yes this is a movie that you will love! i feel the whole movie, relgious fantacis can actually sit through and then at the very end he basically slams into them a bit, its a great great movie and he does a great job on it! sorry for taking so long to respond!