Wednesday, June 2, 2010

District 9

"When aliens land on Earth, global business conglomerate Multi-National United forces them into rigid containment zones where they are compelled to labor, even as MNU commandeers their otherworldly technology for profit. As tensions build between human and non-human races, a rogue agent leads a resistance movement against MNU's ruthless consolidation of power. Neill Blomkamp directs this cinema verité-style sci-fi thriller nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award." courtesy of netflix

This movie was so intriguing. I think the first thing you should know is that its actually shot like a Documentary and all these people are telling the story. What I do love about this movie is that they actually showed the Aliens I hate when movies want to "leave it up to your imagination" I want to see what THEY think the Aliens look like and then I'm always amazed that "humans" always think of aliens to look like these monsters -who says the aliens don't look just like us?

I think this movie brings about more interesting thoughts and conversation than the actual viewing experience -- I found myself to be a little bored on occasion but I did want to find out what happened in the end so I kept watching. Its a movie that you're kind of iffy about while watching but gives you lots to think about when its over.

Although after watching this I always think of Stephen Hawkings when he made his big annoucement that he thinks Aliens are out there but that we shouldnt seek them out or try and find them and this movie is almost basic proof of that -- in what movie have aliens and humans (or for that matter any two civilizations) ever co-mingled succesfully?


  1. Humans can't get along with each other. There is no way we would get along with an alien species. I haven't been able to bring myself to watch this yet. Been on a couple of my flights, but I choose the chickity flicks instead, as it's my only chance for those.

  2. its actually a pretty good movie the way its shot as a documentay is really a clever idea and it reminds me a lot of reality.