Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Could Never be Your Woman

"Writer-director Amy Heckerling (Clueless) delivers a twisted romantic comedy that shows what happens when a mother (Michelle Pfeiffer) and daughter (Saiorse Ronan) come to blows with the forces of nature. Just as Rosie (Pfeiffer) strikes up a romance with a handsome younger man (Paul Rudd), her daughter Izzie (Ronan) falls in love for the first time -- and Mother Nature (Tracey Ullman) can't resist the temptation to meddle." courtesy of netflix

this was really cute and fun to watch - it's a total comedy and I love how they spoof on TV shows and etc. and Michelle Pfeiffer is really cute in it! her and Paul Rudd go well together. its good acting, its enjoyable. Its a great play on whether age really does mean anything when it comes to dating - or if it means everything.


  1. Kylee, i haven't seen this, but i LOVE Paul Rudd. Have you seen this YouTube of him on Jon Stewart's Daily Show. He is so funny.

  2. yeah thats why i watched it - i dont normally think "michelle pfiefer, i must watch this" but it was good.

    oh i saw that jon stewart, it was awesome!! he was hilarious, i loved paul rudd when he was on friends too.

  3. i wasn't watching Friends during the time he was on it, but isn't he the one who Phoebe married?

  4. yeah. and when she asked him to prove he was a piano player he played an invisible piano and shoke (how do you spell that, the past tense of shake lol) shuke? haah anyways, he shuoke his hips and did all funky kind of like on jon stewart.