Sunday, April 12, 2009


"With his mother (Anjelica Huston) suffering from Alzheimer's, medical school dropout Victor Mancini (Sam Rockwell) devises a plan to pay her hospital bills. At high-class restaurants, he pretends to choke, waits to be rescued and then later asks his saviors for money. In addition to being a con man, Victor is a sex addict who works at a colonial theme park. This film is based on the novel by cult literary phenom Chuck Palahniuk ( Fight Club)." courtesy of netflix

this movie sounded so good in the description and even the poster looked intriguing but the movie was, odd. this whole "conman" thing is barely touched on in the movie, he talks about how he gets money from the people who save him but they never show it, cause i dont understand why when you save someones life, if that person asked you for money, why you would give them money. it was just very odd, i wouldnt recommend it. it wasnt even that odd in a funny way, theyre were definitiley interesting scenes and concepts but they never "took it home"


  1. Kylee, i wonder if you will even notice i am posting here. Sam Rockwell is an actor i have followed awhile, though i have not seen this movie, though i do own the book. (which i have not yet read, like many books i own - the author wrote Fight Club.) Anyway, a movie you should rent that Brian and i both love stars Sam Rockwell and it's called Box of Moonlight. It's an enchanting movie. It also stars John Tutorro (spelled wrong i know) and Catherine Keener (who was the hippie chick in Into the Wild and the ebay chick in 40 Year Old Virgin. She's great!) Anyway i think you would love this movie and i look forward to your review.

    I have to add that by the time i could stay awake to finish Milk, i loved it. It's an amazing story and it made me do some research on the computer to find out more about Milk. I vaguely remember the story when it happened. He really was like the Martin Luther King for the gay movement. I love that kind of organizer and hero. The one who puts himself out there knowing it may end in tragedy the whole time they are out there doing it. Our country is built on these kind of heroes.

  2. well luckily i have it setup so that i get an email anytime someone comments otherwise i probably wouldnt have seen this comment! :)

    yano thats what intrigued me on this movie! i thought alright "fight club" it was a book first (which means many people sat through and read an entire book on it) but i dont know something fell apart on this movie it is VERY odd...his acting is good though haha

    i agree 100% with milk! i was totally fascinated with the story and did research online as well, i actually did research when i first saw previews in the theatre and coudlnt wait it for it come out haha

    and i too love the organizers who risk so much, who do it because they want to change something even if its something small their changing (but he was chanigng something large and didnt even realize)

    its worth seeing, but i think everyone just has higher expectations for it. i think if i knew nothing about it, it would be much better but when its sean penn and james franco, it was oscar...winning wasnt it? either way it was oscar nominated, there was so much buzz on the story and there was so much buzz on sean and james' chemistry... i think its a movie that you need to watch without knowing the story and then you learn so much

    like changeling...did you see that? you should!!

  3. OH you did see my comment! We are in the mountains and the movies i brought to watch are: The Changeling, Slumdog Millionaire, and the one about the guy who invented the windshield wiper starring Greg Kinnear. I forget the title. I'm looking forward to watching them - at least one or two of them today. Yesterday i read the new book that just came out, Columbine. I could not put it down and read it within 24 hours.

    You should get Box of Moonlight. It's so funny and poignant.

  4. you will LOVE changeling it is AMAZING angelina does a great amazing job and clint eastwood did an excellent job directing you get SO pulled in to it!

    haha tell me about this movie with greg kinnear!! it sounds funny, he usually does quirky little movies

    is columbine, about columbine and the shootings? i really dont like upseting depressing books like that, i cant really finish them, its usually too hard i like more funny quip books, is quip a word, do you know what i mean by quip? haha

    keep writing back!! im at work till 10pm and there are always low drags and we just surf the internet bored. but this is my last day working at the airport so yay! ill be in the office from now on, and working on location at the needle.

  5. Yes, the book is written by one of the sane reporters who debunked some of the shit that the media was writing. Marilyn Manson for instance did not enter the story. Nor were the killers bullied. In fact THEY bullied others. And the did not target jocks either. And the one Christian girl who died saying she believed in Jesus and was martyred for being shot after saying yes. That never happened. It's all in the book.

    The Changeling was GREAT. we watched it this morning. Hard to believe it's a true story. I guess that's why people didn't trust the LAPD when OJ got had been going on a LONG time.

    The movie with Greg kinnear is also true. It's called Flash of Genius. It's how the Ford company (i think it was Ford) stole his invention of the intermittent windshield wiper. A David and Goliath story i believe. I love those.

    I love it here. The weather is great and we played gin rummy outside (I lost) and now we are cooking risotto and drinking wine. We may hot tub tonight.

    I'll check back later since you say you are bored. But i told Brian to write you and tell you to quit yer whining about being bored and be grateful you have a job and making money. LOL.